Custom Solutions

We can design and supply software solutions to address your business goals. Being the champion customer, you will have substantial input to behaviour and features of the new product or service, and in-effect license a solution tailor-fit to your needs.

At Contact Solutions Pty Ltd and Incalis we are committed to producing and delivering quality products and services that bring real & practical value to our customers. By gaining deep appreciation of your business practice and challenges, combining it with our technical expertise, experience, and resources, we can craft solutions to directly assist your operations and bring value.

Here are four reasons why you should consider our custom development solutions for your business needs:

  1. Delivering what you really need

    By taking the time to understand your business strategy, goals, and challenges, we aim to identify assumptions and unstated requirements to deliver what you really need.

    We maintain focus on the business goals and continuously evaluate our actions to ensure they are in concert with our proposition, and that we generate value in the desired direction.

  2. Developing for quality

    We understand the nature of critical business operations, ever increasing dependency on technology, and the need for reliability. This is why we firmly keep in our site quality of our deliverables, completeness, and attention to detail.

    We also believe that technology is meant to be practical and flexible so that it assists business processes — not impose upon or dominate them.

  3. Developing for value

    Software development is expensive and often carries risk. This is why, in addition to consultancy & development services, we offer to share the cost by using our substantial library of ready-made components, tools, and templates. This enables us to produce and deliver quality solutions quickly and efficiently.

    We also strive to develop in stages so that you can start getting value at the earliest opportunity. That’s not to say that our interim deliverables aren’t complete and can’t stand on their own — quite the opposite in fact.

    Our designs always take into account your likely growth; Even when the initial scope is limited, we always consider the value you deserve for the future. How many companies that you know of have commissioned works, taken delivery, and then scrapped everything to start again when needing to accommodate growth?

  4. Developing with experience

    We aim to be masters of our domain. We invest considerable amount of time, effort, and resources keeping our technical abilities sharp so that we may deliver results quickly and efficiently.

    We have a track record of successfully delivering solutions to various industry sectors. These include custom-developed products and services, line-of-business applications, high technology systems, and numerous commercial products.

Contact us today to discuss your business challenges or areas with a potential for improvement and see how we can add value to your bottom line.