Delivered Projects and Services

DeliverableIn use by
  • Digital timestamping, cloud based website with secure, high-technology back-end services.
  • National client.
    (ongoing, since 2012)
  • Web-based scheduling system for industrial (OHS) training sessions.
  • Middle-Eastern resource miner.
    (3 years)
  • Driver license theory testing system, multilingual.
  • Country-wide government service, system in use exclusively by two western countries.
    (ongoing, since 2005)
  • Online practice testing system, multilingual, paid-for-service.
  • Country-wide public facing service.
    (ongoing, since 2009)
  • High performance online B2B ordering system.
  • National industrial manufacturer.
  • Video capture, real-time analysis and processing system.
  • (not disclosed)
  • Medical and scientific research product suite including sophisticated on-screen image manipulation and processing modules.
  • Local client, technology used globally.
  • Consumer product for child protection against online predators and inappropriate content.
  • U.K.
  • Traffic management, image capture and processing system.
  • U.S. traffic management co.
  • Video acquisition and encoding system for online social network services.
  • U.S. Silicon-Valley start-up.
  • Telecommunications network management system and related services.
  • Premier global digital telephone exchange manufacturer.
  • Industrial laser control software.
  • Local client.
  • Trouble-ticketing system modules.
  • National utility company.
  • Technical audit & advisory services related to medical industry line-of-business applications.
  • Board of directors of a major national guild pursuing M&A.