Incalis – Software power-house

We design and produce innovative line-of-business & popular-entertainment software products for general public and industry.

Contact Solutions Pty Ltd – Custom solutions and services

We provide wide range of technical services, develop high-quality custom software, and design state-of-the-art technology systems to our client’s needs.

Together, we combine specialist yet diverse technical skills, extensive industry experience, and latest technologies to deliver outstanding products and services to our customers and clients.

Find out how we can assist you to achieve your technology and business goals quickly & cost effectively to desired quality and performance standards – without a fuss.

Training Schedule Services

Manage thousands of training sessions, providers, venues, and multilingual courses for virtually any number of participants, effectively and efficiently.

Custom Solutions

Save time and money with a custom solution that precisely meets your needs. Our track record was built on successfully delivering tailor-fit products and services.