Video Intelligence: Event Detection System

Incalis's Retiva EDS™ is a tailored software product capable of analysing camera video in real-time to detect events of interest as defined by business rules.

With its ability to isolate and simultaneously track multiple objects, Retiva EDS opens up new possibilities in video intelligence and machine vision solutions.

Event detection may be as simple as sensing motion at a specific location, or involve complex analysis of movement behaviour (e.g. loitering), speed (e.g. fast approaching cars, or cars not coming to a complete stop), or object characteristics (e.g. size, shape, colour).

Once identified, events can be recorded, counted, forensically analysed, or be used to control external equipment.

For example, in a traffic red-light-camera system, Retiva EDS can detect a fast approaching vehicle, command cameras to focus on its lane, and then trigger a flash unit when the car is in the optimum position - all the while recording the entire event on disk.

Here are five reasons why you should consider Retiva EDS for your video processing, detection, and automation needs:

  1. Classic Motion Detector (CMD™)

    Retiva EDS has several off-the-shelf video processing modules, one of which is the Classic Motion Detector (CMD™). Sensing movement, CMD is well suited for surveying, security monitoring, and surveillance applications. The module supports:

    • Full control over detector grid and its sensitivity.
    • User-friendly view of sensors and their current state of excitation.
    • Specifying when event recording should begin and end.
    • Extremely efficient operation (less than 1% CPU* usage).
  2. Video Intelligence Extractor (VIE™)

    Incalis's Video Intelligence Extractor (VIE™) was produced over many years of research and development, and is the company's high-end machine vision technology solution.

    VIE is capable of isolating, and individually tracking multiple target-objects simultaneously. Vital information such as target's speed, characteristics, and behaviour can be analysed and acted on in real-time.

    VIE is specifically designed to operate in heavy traffic areas, that is, when the background is frequently obscured by objects - a major point of difficulty for most other technologies.

    Because of this, the video intelligence extractor module is perfect for:

    • Traffic management systems - e.g. red-light, speed, or stop-sign camera systems - even at busy intersections.
    • Specialised security and monitoring - e.g. museums, car parks.
    • Improving effectiveness of advertising and product shelf-placement in retail stores.
  3. Richness of event recording features

    Retiva EDS integrates video recording capability rich in features:

    • Capture footage leading to an event.
    • Label each frame with a time stamp, GPS location, and user-configurable text. Show this as an overlay or in a data bar.
    • Store output using JPEG images or supported video formats.
    • Record events in full frame-rate and resolution while saving low-res images periodically at other times.
    • Pre-process frames to adjust scale, remove colour, de-interlace, or comply with other settings such as rate of analysis and recording.
    • Copy out one or more video processing channel taps to fine-tune performance.
  4. Flexibility

    Retiva EDS delivers a customised solution that is purpose-built to your requirements and operating environment.

    Adapting detection and business intelligence to suit your needs is facilitated by Retiva EDS's modular architecture, and a flexible, yet very efficient video processing pipeline.

  5. Possibilities

    Retiva EDS platform provides an opportunity to construct a sophisticated video-based command system using a windows PC and a camera.

    Here are five examples:

    • Coordinated tracking - combine several detectors to make an integrated tracking system.
    • Business intelligence - analyse movement behaviour of customers, correlate with point-of-sale (POS), and determine effectiveness of product shelf-placement and advertisement props.
    • Fast frame-rate processing - churn through volumes of pre-recorded footage at a maximum playback speed to detect events or perform forensic analysis.
    • Automation and control - drive external equipment like dome-cameras, laser units, alarm systems, or industrial machinery to control production processes.
    • Security and surveillance - monitor an area to detect motion, or to highlight a specific behaviour or characteristic.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and see how we can help make your vision a reality.

Incalis CMD™: Classic Motion Detector
Incalis CMD™: Classic Motion Detector
Incalis CMD™: Classic Motion Detector

Incalis VIE™: Video Intelligence Extractor
Incalis VIE™: Video Intelligence Extractor
Incalis VIE™: Video Intelligence Extractor