Training Schedule Services

Incalis's TSS™ is a web-based service, purpose-built for managing industrial training programmes, large or small, simple or multifaceted.

Scheduling training sessions for organisations with multiple sites can be troublesome and time consuming: collecting feedback reports, manage follow-up actions, and producing statistics to inform HQ and globally-distributed corporate offices.

With TSS, scheduling events, allocating venues, assigning trainers and registering participants is very fast, secure, & efficient. Session feedback and statistics can be viewed online for any site, any day, any location, by anyone with the right level of authority.

Incorporating the doctrine of Human Factors to ensure that the service is intuitive and flexible, Incalis's TSS makes scheduling headaches a thing of the past.

Examples of applications include:

  • Incident & Injury Free (IIF) - behavioural programs.
  • Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) - multilayered courses:
    • Site inductions.
    • Confined space entry.
    • Working at height.
    • Specific hazard identification.
  • Specialist training - competency and mandatory courses:
    • Medical first-aid.
    • Administration systems.


 Incalis's Training Schedule System (TSS&#8482)

Core functions:

  • Schedule education & training sessions.
  • Keep track of staff and contractors.
  • Manage event follow-up reports & actions.
  • Integrate with operational processes.


  • Incident management.
  • Trainee accreditation.
  • Education & assessment.

TSS affirms its value and ability to deliver both benefits and cost savings through exclusive use managing OHS IIF training programme for over 2.5 years, in a massive construction project by a Middle-Eastern resource mining company.

Here are four reasons why you should consider Incalis's TSS for managing your training programme logistics:

  1. Capability, access, and flexibility

    TSS can handle thousands of training sessions, providers, venues, and multilingual courses for virtually any number of participants, effectively and efficiently.

    It offers a one-stop service that can be used solely, or in combination with existing infrastructure & processes.

    TSS eliminates the need for inefficient spread-sheets, error-prone manual process, and incomplete & inflexible systems.

    Securely access training schedule services any time using a standard web browser – no need for desktop installations, in-house IT management, or special firewall configurations.

  2. Savings

    Save by improving efficiency in logistical management:

    • Have TSS manage notifications automatically.
    • Allow computer savvy users to use the system directly to manage their schedule and commitments.
    • Delegate responsibility for managing subcontractor staff to their coordinators (representatives).
    • Let TSS manage follow-up action resolution and formal communications.
    • Easily access all personnel records, training attendance statistics, and operational reports.
    • Maintain full and complete control over every aspect of operation.
  3. User friendly

    TSS is intuitive, self-guiding, and easy to use. It presents information that is both essential, and tailored to a user’s job role.

  4. Rich in functionality

    TSS integrates a comprehensive range of functions and services. It enables you to:

    • Manage and index personnel contact details.
    • Assign user authorisation, enable or disable access.
    • Delegate duties (e.g. to sub-contractors).
    • Track and follow-up action points (work-flow facilities).
    • Automate notifications.
    • Make full use of statistic reports and collected data.
    • Access the system via web, including administration.
    • Be guided by in-page help notes.
    • Use your company's branding (colours, logos, titles, text).
    • Integrate with Microsoft Office products.

Missing anything? Speak with us; we can likely have it ready for you by day-one.

Incalis's TSS is a flexible and growing platform that can be adapted on customer request, or be put into service on a few days’ notice fully branded and feature-complete.

Contact us today to discuss your situation, request detailed overview or demonstration, and make an informed assessment of the benefits and savings you could achieve.

Customer Feedback

Champion client owning a massive construction project in the Middle-East, using TSS exclusively for over 2.5 years to manage their OHS (IIF) training programme:

Incalis’s Training Schedule Services have helped us to achieve significant savings in both cost and effort related to the management of our IIF training programme.

The system has proved easy to use and completely reliable.

We are able to quickly and easily assign staff and trainees to courses, manage their training programmes, and track their progress and feedback.

We have also received excellent, professional customer service and support from Incalis’s staff, and we would be happy to recommend them.

Incalis TSS™: Session follow-up
Incalis TSS™: Session follow-up
Incalis TSS™: Session follow-up

Incalis TSS™: Session creation
Incalis TSS™: Session creation
Incalis TSS™: Session creation